34 – MCH

Edition 34, Maternal and Child Health / Children, Youth, and Families

This selection of articles explores the psychosocial determinants that drive health outcomes among mothers, babies, children, youth, and families.   

Lessons Learned from a Maternal Health-Focused Podcast Mini-Series Created for Pregnant and Postpartum Black, Indigenous, and People of Color By Kai Holder,

Second Wave of COVID-19 and Its Effect on Children’s Health During the Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic in India By Pallab Chakraborty and Dr.

Pregnancy During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Nerve Wracking and Isolating Experience for Women and Health Care Providers By Sharmila Leela Mysore Citation

Children Are Not Small Adults By John Michl Wright, MD; Heather G. Huxol, MD; Corrie Ann Harris, MD Citation Wright J, Huxol

Historical Context of Racism in the U.S. and Its Impact on Maternal Mortality By Kevin Petersen and Sara Phillips Citation Petersen K,

The Integration of Doulas into the Pregnancy Care Teams of Women of Color in the United States By Tyler C. Fox Citation

Mental Health and Postpartum Mortality in the COVID-19 Era By Ada Hsieh, MD Citation Hsieh A. Mental health and postpartum mortality in

Evaluating the Macroeconomic Burden of Potentially Averted Surgical Deaths Under Five. By Alexis N. Bowder, MD, MPH; Paul Truche, MD, MPH; Alexandra

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Access in the U.S.: A Multifactorial Challenge with Dynamic Policy By Kelila Kahane, MPH and Joshua Blake

Youth Trauma Is a Silent Epidemic That Must Be Stopped By Dr. Rob Carpenter Citation Carpenter R. Youth trauma is a silent

Neonatal Mortality, Infant Mortality, and Under-Five Mortality Rates in the Provinces of Zimbabwe: A Geostatistical and Spatial Analysis of Public Health Policy

“Overexposed and Underprotected”: Connecting Structural Racism to Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Age of Menarche Through Personal Care Product Use By Marissa Chan Citation

Social Determinants of Health in Children with Epilepsy: It’s Not All About Socioeconomic Status By Elizabeth Wilson; Heping Sheng; Nat Mulkey; Arvin

Ethical and Medical Implications of Prenatal and Preimplantation Screening By Meenakshi Reddy Citation Reddy M. Ethical and medical implications of prenatal and

Maternal and Child Health in the United States and at the Harvard T.H. Chan By Scott Podolsky, MD Citation Podolsky S. Maternal

One Size Doesn’t Fit All:The Case of Patients with Autism in Emergency Room Settings By Laura Kirsch, MHA Citation Kirsch L. One

Allergies and Asthma in a Warming World: A Threat to Public Health By Dr. Matthew R. Norris, MD and Dr. Leonard Bielory,MD

The Impacts of Colonization on the Inequities of Smoking During Pregnancy in Aotearoa By Logan Zane John Williams Citation Williams L. The

Mifepristone’s REMS Criteria: Dangerous During COVID-19 and Beyond By Claudia Flores, Kristyn Brandi, Chloe Phillips Citation Flores C, Brandi K, Phillips C.

Maternal Mortality in the United States: A Focus on Health Disparities By Melissa B. Hill; Jaclyn N. Portelli Tremont, MD; Michelle C.

Making Up for Lost Time: Advancing Global Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Equity Through COVID and Beyond By Sara E.K. Phillips Citation

The Association of Patient Race and Ethnicity with Risk of Hysterectomy for Severe Postpartum Hemorrhage: A Review of Current Literature By Anna

Integrating Mobile Health Technology in Community Based Doula Programs to Extend Childcare Related Support to Adolescent Single Mothers By Marisha Kashyap, MPH

Interorganizational Collaborations and Improving Surgical Access to Pediatric Cardiac Care in Pakistan: A Non-Governmental Organization’s Perspective By Dr. Samaa N. Akhtar, MD,

Placing Youth at the Forefront of Tackling Non-Communicable Diseases: An Op-Ed Piece By Stuti Chakraborty, Sheeba Sagar, Poorvaprabha Patil Citation Chakraborty S,