Submitting Manuscripts on Scholastica

Step 1: Enter the Scholastica Platform

Visit BCPHR’s page on Scholastica or click the button below to enter BCPHR‘s Scholastica home page. Once there, click the “Submit Manuscript” button.

Submit to Harvard Public Health Review


Step 2: Start the Submission Process by Entering the Title

You will be directed to enter the title of your article and then the “save and continue” button. 

BCPHR Article Title

Step 3: Enter the Abstract and Keywords

Once you enter the title, you will be prompted to enter the following:

  • Article Type: Original Research Article, Review Article, Research Letter, Commentary/Op-Ed, Atypical Article, Electronic Media, Blog, Supplement Submission, Bundled Article Submission) 
  • Abstract
  • Keywords

You will then answer yes and no to specific declarations. 

To complete this step, opt to “mark this step as complete” as indicated. 

BCPHR Platform
BCPHR Article3

Step 4: Enter the Corresponding Author Information

You will then be prompted to add information for the authors. The first author name submitted should be the primary contact. Please be sure to provide ORCID numbers for all authors. These are available free to authors and are available here


Note: This section requests optional demographic information, which helps us understand who has submitted to the Journal. It is not required. When done, click the blue “Add Author” button.   

BCPHR Article4

Step 5: Upload Your Manuscript Files

You will then be prompted to upload your manuscript file(s) prepared according to BCPHR‘s Submission Preparation Guidelines.

Please be sure that your primary manuscript is in Word and aligns with all BCPHR guidelines. Authors submitting media may upload additional files as well. Please be sure to submit only high-resolution (300 DPI) images.

You will be prompted to submit separately your Primary Manuscript File and Author Biographies (including their ORCID IDs). Author biographies are also requested to be included in the primary manuscript file, per the template. Graphics and Images and Video/Audio files are to be uploaded separately, as required. Please ensure that your graphics are prepared with appropriate design software and NOT submitted as Word files.   


Step 6: Suggest Potential Reviewers

You will be asked to identify potential reviewers for your paper. This is an optional step.  


Step 7: Funding Sources

You will note here any funding sources that supported production of your manuscript. 

Step 8: Affirmations

You will then check/tick that you agree with the following affirmations/attestations. Please note that checking/ticking these affirmations indicates that you recognize all terms and conditions associated with submission and publication of manuscripts in BCPHR. Please read them carefully to ensure that manuscript aligns with all requirements prior to submission.  

Not preparing your manuscript appropriately will result in desk rejection. (Note again that you are required to use BCPHR templates to prepare your submission.) 


  • I confirm that this manuscript aligns with the Journal’s mission: to improve health equity and social justice globally through the publication of public health content grounded in the thoughtful evaluation of evidence.

  • I confirm that this manuscript includes at least 4 sentences addressing health equity and/or social justice. (See health equity and social justice checklists on submission guidelines for more information and/or email [email protected].)

  • I confirm that no part of this manuscript has been published or is under consideration by any other publication. (Results may have been previously presented at a conference or meeting.)
  • I confirm that all named authors have contributed to the manuscript, and grant BCPHR permission to review and (if selected) publish their work.

  • I confirm that this manuscript represents the work of the named author/authors. None of the content has been plagiarized or generated wholly or in part by artificial intelligence applications.
  • I confirm that this manuscript, including all text, tables, figures, and images, was prepared according to submission guidelines.

  • I confirm that my findings align with the data presented, and that all data and content were collected in an ethical manner, under Institutional Review Board (IRB) oversight as appropriate. (Upon request, I can provide evidence of IRB approval).

  • I confirm that the language used in this manuscript avoids bias and perpetuation of prejudicial beliefs and/or demeaning attitudes.

  • I confirm that the manuscript has been prepared using the appropriate template downloaded from the website. 

  • I confirm that this manuscript, including citations, follows American Medical Association (AMA) 10th edition format style.

  • I confirm that I will not send solicitations or otherwise aggressively engage the Journal’s editors or editors-in-chief about my manuscript(s). If this is deemed the case, I understand that review of my manuscript will be cancelled and I will be not be permitted to submit to the Journal again.

  • I understand that I will be charged a $200 fine if I withdraw my manuscript once it has been sent out for review.

  • I understand that my manuscript is beholden to terms and conditions in place at the time of submission. (See for more information.)

  • I understand that if do not follow all of the submission guidelines above and on the websites and, I will be desk rejected and forgo all submission fees.

  • I understand that I may make a request to update my accepted manuscript for one-month post-publication. After that time period ends, authors may request an additional update; however, it will be honored only at the Journal’s discretion. 

  • I understand that all submissions published on are subject to article processing/publication fees, which are due at the time of acceptance. Additionally, I attest that deferral and/or waiver of fees is not available. I will not request such accommodations.

Step 9: Confirm and Submit

You will then see where you can confirm and submit your manuscript fee. Please see Articles Processing Fees here.