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By Dr. Ryan Montoya

Dr. Ryan Montoya

Dr. Ryan Montoya, MD is a board certified Family Medicine physician. He graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Biology, and completed graduate courses at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Johns Hopkins University, before attending medical school and residency at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Dr. Montoya provided full spectrum family medicine care and opioid addiction medication assisted treatment (MAT) at a Federally Qualified Health Center while starting his own direct primary care practice in Massachusetts. He has lived and provided community healthcare in the countries of Bosnia and Herzegovina and India, and acted as the Associate Medical Director of Planned Parenthood in Washington, DC. He currently serves as the Physician Medical Officer for the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, Russia.
Aside from the practice of medicine, Dr. Montoya is a professional comic book artist and writer whose works have appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine and Scientific American. He received art training from the Massachusetts College of Art, Art Institute of Boston, School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, and the Joe Kubert School of Comic Book Art. He has also worked as a luggage and trunk designer for the brand Goyard and a project manager for the CIFF Raven fashion fair in Copenhagen and the Devambez Panorama fashion collective in Paris.
Dr. Montoya’s describes his blog, “Forced Perspectives,” as follows: 
“I am interested in perspectives: what does the world of medicine look like from the patient’s point of view, and from the provider’s point of view. I’m attracted to stories devoted to the mundane, nuanced experience of receiving medical care in the United States, and I want to write essays and illustrate comics that explore the interface between patient and provider on a small and large scale – whether that means discussing just how informed your “informed consent” might be, to how the color of your skin might affect your medical bill. My hope is that these pieces will be informative, engaging, and fun. If you also find them compelling, transcendent, ground-breaking, and award winning, I won’t be upset.”

Blogs by Dr. Ryan Montoya​

The following is an excerpt chapter from Dr. Ryan Montoya’s upcoming graphic novel “Precipitated Withdrawal”. In this chapter, Dr. Montoya delves into the mechanisms of informed consent, and discusses how often physicians and patients miss that mark.

The following is an excerpt chapter from Dr. Ryan Montoya’s upcoming graphic novel “Precipitated Withdrawal,” where Dr. Montoya discusses how prison creates a perfect medical bubble that is both a gift and a curse to the patients

The following is an excerpt chapter from Dr. Ryan Montoya’s forthcoming graphic novel, “Precipitated Withdrawal.” In it, Dr. Montoya discusses the structure of a visit between the patient and a new doctor, and all the ways this structure gets interrupted. 

The following is an excerpt chapter from the upcoming Graphic Novel “Precipitated Withdrawal: A Treatise on American Primary Care,” by Dr. Ryan Montoya. In it, Dr. Montoya discusses the pitfalls and promise of electronic health records.

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