Expedited Publishing

About Expedited Publishing

BCPHR holds three expedited publishing periods per year. (The current period is being held February 26-April 15, 2024.)

During these times, all submissions undergo an expedited peer review process. (Blogs are not peer-reviewed, but receive immediate review from BCPHR editorial staff.) Successfully reviewed materials can be published in as little as 2 weeks.

The primary difference between regular and expedited publishing is timing. Instead of 6-12 weeks, expedited manuscripts undergo the process from peer review to publication in 2 weeks. 


BCPHR stresses, however, that the 2-week turnaround is not guaranteed. Authors whose manuscripts do not meet submission standards will be desk rejected. Manuscripts that require extensive editing also may introduce delays in the editorial process. 

Special Note about Expedite Participation

Because of the labor involved in expediting manuscripts, authors who submit articles during the expedite campaign must abide by its rules and article processing charges. Authors who submit to the expedite campaign, participate in fast-tracked peer review, and then retract their manuscripts from the expedite process will receive a $100 fine.

BCPHR‘s editorial board also may contact authors’ home institutions about the retraction and bar them from submitting to BCPHR again in the future.

Why Expedite Your Manuscript with BCPHR?

Authors benefit from publishing in a journal dedicated to disseminating evidence-based public health research making a tangible difference in the health and well-being of communities. In addition, they enjoy:

  • Enhanced Visibility: Articles are highlighted in BCPHR‘s website and social media channels.
  • Unparalleled Global Reach: BCPHR‘s online accessibility ensures engagement of its diverse audience, which includes thousands of policymakers, health professionals, and researchers worldwide.
  • Collaboration and Networking: Connect with like-minded researchers and foster collaborations, catalyzing a culture of innovation and progress.

About Expedite Submissions

The submission process remains the same. Some notes to keep in mind: 

  • Emailed submissions are NEVER accepted.
  • Primary authors may submit up to five (5) articles or blogs under this initiative.
  • Use our templates and follow all submission guidelines. Not doing so will result in desk rejection.
  • All expedited pieces are assigned a DOI at publication. 
  • Visit here for all Article Processing Fees.
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