Oral Health and Medicine: Separate Not Equal

By Naomi Fukuda

Naomi Fukuda

Naomi Fukuda is a pre-dental student at Haverford College. Naomi’s vlog series, “Oral Health and Medicine: Separate Not Equal,” will center around the dentistry-medicine divide and why we have chosen to treat the mouth separately from the rest of the body. There are many policies in medicine that do not apply to dentistry. She plans to address this issue and the importance of recognizing oral health and general health as intertwined and inseparable.

Blogs by Naomi Fukuda

This vlog discusses the importance of integrating the dental and medical fields when approaching cancer treatment plans.

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This vlog discusses the critical need for more dental professionals in rural areas.

This vlog introduces the link between drug abuse and one's mouth.

This vlog features dental and medical students with ranges of experiences about their thoughts on the dental-medical divide thus far and their perspectives on integrating dental and medical schools.

This vlog is an interview with Dr. Jenny Pan D.M.D on her work experience with underserved populations and her perspective on the division between medicine and dentistry.

This vlog will talk about the effects of COVID-19 on oral health care.

This vlog will talk about disparities in access to oral health care, with particular emphasis on social determinants of health.

Oral Health and Medicine: Separate Not Equal By: Naomi Fukuda Vlog #1: Introduction to the Dental-Medical Divide and my Firsthand Experience Image …

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