edition 63 - Obesity and Body Image

Edition 63 – Obesity and Body Image

This edition of HPHR Journal covers Obesity & Body Image

Gene – Diet Interaction and Weight Loss: A Focus on Asians By Anh Nguyen-Hoang, RNT, DCN, CNHC, FBANT, Abdul-Rahman Toufik, Wireko Andrew

Child-Centered and Nutrition-Sensitive Green Spaces: Policy Recommendations for Childhood Obesity Prevention in the Philippines’ Urban Poor Communities By Julius Cesar Alejandre, MSc,

Impact of Obesity on College Student Academic Performance: A Comparison Between the United States and Nigeria By Oluwasegun Akinyemi, Oluseyi Adelekan, Ofure

Medical Student Attitudes Towards Nutritional and Exercise Science Integration By Tyler Beauchamp, Aditya Devarakonda, Varsha Chiruvella, Jessica Hatch, Patrick Lorenz, Dr. Lisa

The Etiology of Type I Diabetes and its Relationship to the Streptozocin Family of Streptomyces Toxins By Jonathan Alan King, Gina Choi,

The Potential of Systems Thinking in Tackling The Wicked Problem of Childhood Obesity in the Philippines By Joseph Aaron S. Joe, Jake