Edition 53 – Human Rights and Public Health

Edition 53, Human Rights and Public Health

Edition 53 explores issues of human rights and public health. 

Anchoring Bias – A Barrier to the Art of Healing By Ramzi Ibrahim MD, Maham Haq BS, Chelsea Takamatsu MD Citation Ibrahim

Islamophobia as a Structural Determinant of Mental Health among Muslims in the US By Nakisa Barzani Sadeghi, MPH Citation Sadeghi N. Islamophobia

The Nationwide Drug Affordability Crisis – A Human Rights Issue By Aruna Muthumanickam, MD Citation Muthumanickam A. The nationwide drug affordability crisis

Psychosocial Support for Healthcare Workers in Vietnam During the COVID-19 Pandemic By Nathan C. Gehlert, Ph.D., Quynh Xuan Nguyen Truong, MPH Citation

What Puts The “Morbid” in Morbidity: A Call to Reform the Way we Address Weight in the Exam Room By Haleigh Prather,

The Beirut Explosion: Medical Response and Resilience By Nisrine Kawa Citation Kawa N. The Beirut explosion: medical response and resilience. HPHR. 2021;53.10.54111/0001/AAA4

Beyond Performative Activism: An Exploration of Motivators to Participate in Anti-Racist Activism Through the Lens of Self-Determination Theory Munjireen S. Sifat, PhD,

Legislation Study in Public Health: An Exploration of the Mental Health Ordinance in Hong Kong By Amelia Lo Citation Lo A. Legislation

Dreaming Up Well Futures: Social Movements and Public Health By Alexandria L. Dyer Citation Dyer A. Dreaming up well futures: social movements