Edition 48 – COVID-19
Briana Chen Covid Olympics

Art by Briana Chen

Edition 48, COVID-19, IV

Edition 48 marks HPHR’s fourth volume of COVID-19 research.

Lessons Learned From LMICs (Low and Middle Income Countries): COVID-19 Health Education and Community Outreach Best Practices for Gaza By Ponn P.

The Unprecedented Complexity of Malnutrition, COVID-19, and Orofacial Cleft Care in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: An Opportunity for Change By Dr. Allyn

Serving Rural Communities Experiencing Homelessness During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Adaptations of a Student Driven Telehealth Model By Matthew Goff, Lily Greene, Adina

COVID-19 and Suicide – Why Our Messaging Matters By Maureen Iselin, Kristen Quinlan PhD, Colleen Carr MPH Share on facebook Facebook Share

Adherence to Lockdown and Social-Distancing Policies Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic: A Behavioral and Socio-Economic Perspective from India By Mohammad Abdullah Sarkar BA and

An Opportunity for Cross-jurisdictional Learning: COVID Response Virtual Learning Cafes By Anne Siegler, DrPH and Hanna Tessema, DrPH(c), MPH, MSW Facebook Twitter

Changes in Income and Household Spending During Early Months of COVID-19 Pandemic Reveal Racial and Ethnic Disparities Among Older Adults By Melissa

Tackling COVID-19 in Resource-Constrained Settings: Experiences From India and Vietnam By Linh Vu Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Citation Vu L. Tackiling COVID-19 in

The Importance of Telemedicine in Brazil During the COVID-19 Outbreak By Rafael Knack MD​, Taliê Hanada MS, Kamilla Mayr MS, Renata Knack

Muslim-majority Countries Have Fewer COVID-19 Cases and Deaths: A Cross-country Analysis of 165 Countries During the 3 Global Peak Dates in 2020-2021

Impacts of Starvation and War Conflicts in Yemen During COVID-19 Pandemic Nusaibah Tawfik ALsanabani, Haya Mohammed Abujledan, Ibrahim Ayman Abdullah, Mahmoud Bassiony

An Epidemic Within a Pandemic: The Impact of COVID-19 on Substance Use in the United States By Sierra MacEachron and Payton Watt

Bilingual Free Clinics: A Win-Win for Students and Patients or an Ethical Quandary? By Amanda Caroline Tosi, MS and Matthew Van De

Brazil and a Tragedy Foretold By Marcela Almeida Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Citation Almeida M. Brazil and a tragedy foretold. HPHR. 2021;48.  

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic in Response to Global HIV Infection, with Focus on Pakistan By Mahnoor Sukaina Share on facebook Facebook Share

Applicability of Virtual Reality Interventions for COVID-19 Pediatric Patients By Sahana Arkalgud Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on

Medical School During a Pandemic: A Retrospective Study on U.S. Medical School Reopening Policies By Andrea L. Klein; Daniel J. Muller, MPhil;

Anger in the Time of Corona: A Call to Meaningful Activism in Public Health By Gilbert Jr. D. Bernardino, Judith Odanee G.

Malaria Amidst COVID-19 in the Central African Republic By Samar Mohammed Alhaj, Khlood Fathi Hassan, Catherine Hermoso, Mohamed Babiker Musa, Attaullah Ahmadi,

Measures Against Disposable Masks: A Potential Source of Environmental and Biological Pollution By Nayab Sheikh and Chanchal Maheshwari Share on facebook Facebook