Edition 41 – Global Food & Nutrition

Edition 41, Global Food & Nutrition

Edition 41 examines issues of global food and nutrition. 

Factors Affecting Vitamin D Absorption Efficiency in Infants and Children: Implications for Supplementation By Anh Nguyen-Hoang and Mona Dhadra Citation Nguyen-Hoang A

Improvement in Calcium Intake in the Asian Population: A Narrative Review By Anh Nguyen-Hoang, Mona Dhadra Share on facebook Facebook Share on

Causes and Solutions for Iron and Zinc Deficiencies Among Vietnamese Children By Anh Nguyen-Hoang, RNT, DCN, FBANT, CNHC Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Citation

Commitment to Co-Creation: How to Empower and Accelerate Grassroots Solutions for Global Nutrition and Food System Transformation By Isabelle Foster, MA, Afshan

Farmers’ Health and Safety in India- Issues and the Path ahead By Sailee Bhambere Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter

A Literature Review of Gustatory Over-Responsivity Among the Population with Autism Spectrum Disorders By Hyelee Kim, MD, MAS; Meelim Kim, PhD; Nahyun

Is AIT The Future of Treating Food Allergies in Children? By Christine Haddad Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Citation Haddad C. Is AIT the

Youth Report: The Sale of Diet Pills and Muscle Building Supplements to Adolescents in the United States By Jessie Dong, Ryan Ahmed,

Diabetes Intervention: A Study of the Effectiveness of a Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System and Health Coaching on Type 2 Diabetes Management

The Absolute Necessity of Plant-Based Diets for the Health of the Earth and Her Inhabitants By Marijane Hynes, MD, ABOM Facebook Twitter