Edition 31 - Disasters & Pandemics

Edition 31, Disasters & Pandemics

In this edition of HPHR, the Editorial Board has curated pieces from researchers examining how social determinants can impact risk, response, and opportunities for recovery from disasters and pandemics. 

Medical School During a Pandemic: A Retrospective Study on U.S. Medical School Reopening Policies By Andrea L. Klein, BS; Daniel J. Muller,

Preparing for Consecutive Climate Events By Markus Enenkel, PhD, Vincenzo Bollettino, PhD; Patrick Vinck, PhD Citation Enenkel M, Bollettino V, Vinck P.

Climate Change and Neglected Tropical Diseases: The Case in Sudan By Dr. Osman Kamal Osman Elmahi, Fatima Elbasri Abuelgasim Mohammed Yagoub, Hassan

Health misinformation has far reaching and potentially damaging impacts on behavior, including vaccine hesitancy.

Race and Disaster Relief By Shannon Chun Citation Chun S. Race and disaster relief. HPHR. 2021; 30. DOI:10.54111/0001/EE5 Race and Disaster Relief

Aftermath as Disaster: An Evaluation of Disaster Capitalism and The Evolution of Healthcare Delivery in New Orleans 15 Years After Katrina By

This paper discusses the current situation of pharmaceutical industries in India and its repercussions on general health.

One U.S. community appears to be at least marginally protected from health misinformation: Cameron County, Texas, which has been an U.S. epicenter for H1N1, Zika virus, and now COVID-19.

Health misinformation has far reaching and potentially damaging impacts on behavior, including vaccine hesitancy.

Communication overload is a substantial trial during a pandemic. One major obstacle is the overwhelming amount of changing public health guidelines and clinic policies.

Pandemic Fatigue: A Global Challenge By Sadhika Sood and Megha Kalra Citation Sood S, Kalra M. Pandemic fatigue: a global challenge HPHR.

Pandemic Preparedness Strategies with an Eye on Displaced Populations in Yemen: Efforts and Challenges on Hand By Adriana Viola Miranda, Anmol Mohan,

As the COVID-19 pandemic entered the public consciousness, these phones and tablets were the first things we reached for to find out the up-to-the-minute impact on our community and the world at large.

2018 Attica Wildfires: The Intersection of Governance Failures and Climate Change By Georgia Christakis Citation Christakis G. 2018 Attica wildfires: the intersection

Attitudes and Knowledge Towards Immunization in Tuzla Canton Population By Indira Efendić, Ilma Ahmetagić, Nedim Srabović, Adnan Mujanović, Suad Sivić, Raza Smajić,

The proliferation of health misinformation on social media has amplified the voice of the vaccine refusal movement.

In medicine, the introduction of AI systems have allowed for an unprecedented analysis of clinical presentations – systems are now able to systematically weigh pieces of information to reach logical conclusions, mimicking a clinician’s thought process.

As the market gatekeeper for new drugs and vaccines, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) plays a fundamental role in the response to public health crises.

Preventing Pandemics and Containing Disease: A Proposed Symptoms-Based Syndromic Surveillance System By Aaron Schmid Citation Schmid A. Preventing pandemics and containing disease:

There is a critical need for research to examine factors that hinder or facilitate access to healthcare in the context of COVID-19.