Edition 27 - COVID-19, II

Edition 27, COVID-19, II

This edition covers a wide range of issues related to SARS-CoV-2, ranging from the behavioral, social, and medical factors that have impacted the successful enactment of response recommendations, to the global implications of the virus. In this second edition regarding COVID-19, HPHR is committed to imparting knowledge on how thinking has evolved through this series of articles of practical relevance on COVID-19 issues.


Catherine Tsasis, Associate Editor, HPHR

Evaluating the Impact of Remdesivir on Covid-19 Patient Outcomes: An Inpatient County Hospital Analysis By Christina Chopra, Liliana Filipowska, and Dr. Sharon

Identification of “Hot Spots” of COVID-19 in the United States (January 2020-January 2021) By Jessica Liu, MPH, SV Subramanian, PhD, Alan C

The Case Against Monetary Behavioral Incentives in the Context of COVID-19 Vaccination By Ana Santos Rutschman and Timothy L. Wiemken Watch the

Globalization, Urbanization and COVID-19: Implications for a World All Too Connected​ By Simisola Johnson​ Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter

COVID-19 Contagion among Communities with Limited English Proficiency: Lesson from Volunteerism​ By Falah N. Rashoka​ Citation Rashoka F. COVID-19 contagion among communities

Analysis of COVID-19 Awareness Among Georgia Private High School Students By Aqil A. Merchant Citation Merchant A. Analysis of COVID-19 awareness among

Guatemala Makes COVID-19 the Responsibility of the People By Elizabeth Carosella Citation Carosella E. Guatemala makes COVID-19 the responsibility of the people.

Closing the Supply Gap: How a Student Clinic Organization Adapted Their Role During COVID-19 Clinical Suspension to Support Frontline Providers By Alexandra

The Effect of State Mandate Timing on COVID-19 Incidence Rates By Sahil Amin, Dhiraj Peddu, Gaurav Majmudar, Paul Weber Citation Amin S,

A Medical Student’s Guide for Maximizing Personal Protective Equipment during Clinical Rotations in a COVID-19 World By Asim S. Ghani, Lark A.

Harvard Ventures: The Bottom Line Podcast By Virginia Tiernan, Georgia Messinger, Jessica DeVilla Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share

COVID-19 as a Catalyst: How the Coronavirus Pandemic can Increase Accessibility in the US Healthcare System By Amrita Krishnan Citation Krishnan A.

Irisin and the Possible Impact on a Cytokin Storm in Athletes with COVID-19: A Case Report By Rafael S. Knack, Renata S.