Interview with Kristy Drutman, Founder, Brown Girl Green

Jayson Toweh

By Jayson Toweh

Interview with Kristy Drutman, Founder, Brown Girl Green

Environmental injustice: how race, health, and climate are intertwined

In today’s Kristy Drutman from Brown Girl Green was interviewed. Kristy is an environmental media host, speaker, activist, and digital media strategist. During her work she has focused on the intersections between media, diversity, and environmentalism. My conversation with Kristy focused on how communities of color, along with lower socioeconomic status are often burdened with higher pollution levels leading to health disparities. 


Talking with Kristy we talk about how people can get involved in the fight to change this. Personally, she you uses her multimedia to shed light on these topics, educate, and drive movement towards change. Below are various links that she recommended looking into from the interview. 



Brown Girl Green: 

Arlington, TX: Fracking Case Study:,  

Fight against Line 3 pipeline: 

Fight against Line 5 pipeline: 

Redlining Overview:,,  

What people can do from Kristy:

Native Land lookup: 

Build Back Better Plan:,  Text act to (434) 266-8464 to be connected with a call to your representative 

Brown Girl Green Newsletter Sign-up: 

Brown Girl Green Community Sign-up: [listen to check the link]

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