The Interdisciplinarian

By Sofia Weiss Goitiandia

Sofia Weiss Goitiandia

Sofia Weiss Goitiandia (she/her) is a medical student holding a BA in Natural Sciences (specialisation: Neurosciences) from the University of Cambridge, who will also complete her MSc in Global Health at Karolinska Institutet in June 2021. She has a strong research interest, and has worked on both quantitative and qualitative projects, spanning basic science to a study bridging history of art and public health. She is a keen linguist, with knowledge of six languages, as well as a passionate reader and writer. She also has experience in advocacy work, particularly in the access to medicines field and in promoting gender health equity. She aims to pursue further studies in the subject of philosophy of medicine, and her ultimate goal would be to combine a career in patient-facing medical care with interdisciplinary academic research. She relishes how different approaches can yield new insights on old problems, and – despite her best efforts – remains relentlessly curious about the human condition.

Blogs by Sofia Weiss Goitiandia​

In this second piece together, Sofia and Nick stress the urgency of fighting for health equity for Canada's Indigenous populations – now.

Here, Sofia Weiss Goitiandia talks to activist Nick Bauer about the injustices committed against Indigenous peoples in Canada, which do not always receive the attention they deserve.

In this final instalment of Sofia and Dalia’s interview, Dalia synthesises her experiences as an activist in the field of Sexual and Reproductive Health, and shares her views on what 'Decolonising Global Health' means in practice.

In the second installment of this article series, Sofia and Dalia discuss Female Genital Mutilation and Dalia’s activism towards ending it in her home country of Sudan. Please be aware that these sensitive topics may be distressing for some readers.

Sofia Weiss Goitiandia spoke for hours with Global Health scholar and activist Dalia Elhag. In this first article based on their conversation, Dalia talks about the roots of her committed feminism, which is at the heart of her activist work.

In this blog, science communication is discussed in the context of vaccine hesitancy, particularly with regards to COVID-19 vaccines. Possible strategies to address this challenge are explored, whilst leaving room for nuance.

In this podcast, Sofia Weiss Goitiandia interviews the wonderful Dr. Nick about his work as a Medical Doctor and Co-Founder of OneDay Health in Northern Uganda.

In this blog post, Sofia Weiss Goitiandia writes about the centrality of narratives and storytelling in medicine. Long story short: in healthcare, the words we use matter.

The most personal blog post yet, as Sofia Weiss Goitiandia reflects on her own experiences to propose interdisciplinarity as a means of finding purpose and meaning in medicine.

Sofia Weiss Goitiandia talks to medical anthropologist and medical doctor-to-be Sarai Keestra to discuss a pertinent interdisciplinary issue of our time, access to medicines.

Sofia Weiss Goitiandia meets Medical Herstory founder Tori Ford to discuss and reflect on gender, health and the medical institution.

A first blog post drawing from philosophy of medicine asks: is it ethical to allow people to sell a kidney to overcome poverty?

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