Technology Innovation for Climate Change and Public Health

HPHR Fellow Siona Prasad

By Siona Prasad

Siona Prasad

Siona Prasad is a sophomore at Harvard studying Computer Science and Statistics. She is passionate about the application of technology to public health, and leveraging large-data to illuminate and solve critical challenges in healthcare. Her past experiences as a researcher at the Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator, the Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School has exposed her to the cutting-edge intersection of technology and healthcare, and convinced her of the importance of bridging the gap between research and implementation. Siona strongly believes that high-quality healthcare is human right, not just a luxury for a few. Her projects have ranged from developing high-sensitivity stethoscopes and microscopy techniques for low-cost medical diagnosis to public health technologies aimed at limiting the spread of infectious disease. She hopes to bring new light to this space through her HPHR blog and inspire others to further explore the space at the intersection of technology and public health.rolex oyster perpetual date yacht master replica

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Technology aimed at measuring and monitoring the greenhouse gas emissions responsible for climate change.

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