Edition 9 – Refugee Health

Edition 9, Refugee Health

Many refugees entering the United States do not posses the same standard of health that most of its citizens do. This edition highlights the challenges surrounding refugee health and references issues including financial constraints, the difficulties in setting up sustainable systems to improve resettlement success, the importance of understanding refugee healthcare needs and the context in which they developed, and the need to address health issues of solitary minors entering the United States even as they resolve their immigration status. At HPHR, we realize the importance of addressing these challenges for a healthier society.


Catherine Tsasis, Associate Editor, HPHR 

Victims of a Broken System: A Syrian Refugee Family’s Struggle for Healthcare in Lebanon By Lara Jirmanus MD, MPH Citation Jirmanus L.

A Collaborative Approach to Promoting Continuing Care for Refugees: Philadelphia’s Strategies and Lessons Learned By Brittany DiVito MPH, BSN, RN; Colleen Payton

Undocumented Immigrants and the Inclusive Health Policies of Sanctuary Cities By Sheyda M. Aboii BA Citation Aboii S. Undocumented immigrants and the

The Crisis in Our Own Backyard: United States Response to Unaccompanied Minor Children from Central America By Sural Shah MD, MPH Citation

Accepting Refugees: Alternative Arguments for Canada By Michelle Amri, MPA Citation Amri M. Accepting refugees: alternative arguments for Canada. Harvard Public Health Review.

Healthcare Recommendations for Recently Arrived Refugees: Observations from EthnoMed By J. Carey Jackson MD, MPH, MA; Mahri Haider MD, MPH; Christine Wilson