72 communication

Edition 72, Communication

This edition addresses Public Health Comunication

Fighting Poverty among LGBTQI+ Persons from Brazil: Socioeconomic Inclusion and the Experience of Micro Rainbow International Foundation By Monica Malta, PhD, University

Effects of Electronics and Video Games on Students’ Academic Performance: A Survey in Irvine Areas By Dr. Yufeng Zhang, Pharm. D., PhD,

Identifying and Dismantling Racist Narratives to Promote Health Equity By Caty Taborda, PhD; Nomi Sofer, PhD; Jennifer Beard, PhD, MPH, MA; Monica

Combating Racial Disparity in Children’s Public Health Education and Literature By Daniel J. Fernandez; Dieuwertje J. Kast, EdD; W. Martin Kast, PhD

Utilizing the Modified OMP Model for Health Equity in a Family Medicine Residency Clinic By Dr. Stacy A. Ogbeide, PsyD, ABPP, Dr.