Edition 7 – Racism

Edition 7, Racism: Power, Politics, and Privilege

Power, politics, and privilege play an influential role in health and healthcare. This edition attempts to capture the factors and situational circumstances of those who struggle to access the care they need. Articles containing an in-depth look into alternative healthcare systems, geographical factors contributing to population health, and healing outside institutional care within communities all contribute to this edition.


Catherine Tsasis, Associate Editor, HPHR

Climbing Down the Ivory Tower: Challenging Racial Injustice Through Community Health By Swathi Damodaran, Rebecca A. Gourevitch, Tiffany Lin, Nikhil A. Patel,

Why Public Health Practitioners Should Care About Job Prospects for People with Criminal Records: Employment Challenges and Successful Prison and Jail Reentry

Public Health and the Policing of Black Lives By Justin Feldman, MPH, MSW Citation Feldman J. Public health and the policing of

Improving Communities, Improving Health By Jeffrey Sanchez Citation Sanchez J. Improving communities, improving health. Harvard Public Health Review. Summer 2015;7. Improving Communities, Improving

A Case for the Future of Global Health By Justin Healy, MD MPH Citation Healy J. A Case For The Future Of

Single-Payer Health Reform: A Step Toward Reducing Structural Racism in Health Care By Dominic F. Caruso, MD/MPH Candidate; David U. Himmelstein, MD;