Edition 36 – MCH

Edition 54, Health Policy

This edition addresses public health policy in the U.S. and abroad. 

Underinsurance among Privately Insured US Children: Findings from the National Survey of Children’s Health 2020 Menolly Kaufman PhD, MPH; Shauna Petchel PhD,

Creative Community and Academic Collaboration Approach in the Development of the Micronesian Early Education Toolkit for Easing Access into Early Childhood Learning

The List of Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) Programs in the United States: A Descriptive Review By Chulwoo Park, DrPH, MSPH, Shannon

The Evaluation of Pro-Competitive Policies Effectiveness From Taxed-Based and Privatized Health Insurance Models By Todd Brown, MSc. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Citation Brown

Innovation Immersion Labs: A Novel Approach to Solving Public Health Challenges By Liris Stephanie Berra, BS, Sophie Becker, BFA, Meaghan Kennedy, MPH

Evaluation of Cancer Awareness Months and Cancer Screening Tests Through Internet Search Big Data By Alex Vanderwiel, Diamone Gathers, MD, V. Shane

Potential Economic Burden Contributing to Treatment Non-Adherence in End Stage Renal Disease By Max Goodman Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Citation Goodman M. Potential

Legislation Study in Public Health: An Exploration of the Mental Health Ordinance in Hong Kong By Amelia Lo, MPH, MBA, LLB Facebook