Edition 52 – Health of Women and Girls

Edition 52, Health of Women and Girls

Edition 52 is a special edition addresses the health of women and girls. 

Self-Sampling Methods for STI Screening among College Women: A Qualitative Study to Identify Opinion Leaders By Kaeli C. Johnson, BA; Idara N.

Trends of Sex Ratio at Birth and its Association with Sociodemographic Factors Among Asian American Subgroups in the US from 2016 to

How Community Education Led to Empowerment and Safe Childbirth By Monzur Morshed Patwary and Konica Gop Citation Patwary M, Gop K. How

An Open Letter to American Academic Institutions: Stand Behind the Evidence By Neil Singh Bedi, Rachel J. Smith, Marina L. Weiss Citation

Neighborhood Factors and Physical Activity During the COVID-19 Pandemic for Black Pregnant Individuals By Jessyca A. Judge, B.S, MS; Dawn P. Misra,

A Systematic Plague: Addressing the Culture of Gender Based Violence (GBV) in Pakistan By Halah Farooqi, Annas Ghafoor Citation Farooqi H, Ghafoor

Improving Spoken Language Interpreter Services for Birthing People By Samantha Rea, Addie Coleman, Keiyitho Omonuwa, Shewit Weldense Citation Rea S, Coleman A,

Development of Quality Measures for Enhanced Preventive Screening of Women for Cervical Cancer By Marisa M. Walker, Emily R. Bower, Dr. Emmanuel