Edition 39 – Health Communications

Edition 39, Communications & Public Health

Edition 39 addresses the role of communications in public health.

WhatsApp, COVID-19 Related Misinformation in Africa and the Need for Continuous Infoveillance By Chidindu C. Mmadu-Okoli, Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, Abuja,

Barriers and Facilitators of Mental Health Services for African-American College Students: A Pilot Study By Tasha A. Lewis, MPH, Emmanuel Iyiegbuniwe, PhD,

Vigilantes: An Educational Game Proposal for Health Promotion By Ana Elisa Choucair Hosken Arão, Anna Carlinda Arantes de Almeida Braga, Igor Yur

Health Paradigms and Health Education: Maturing Frontiers By Marcelo Mendes, PhD Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin

Reducing Health Disparities with Audio-Only Telemedicine Post-COVID-19 By Julia R Vinagolu-Baur, MBA, Daisy Goodman, DNP, MPH, CNM, Allie Morgan, MPH Share on

The Complex Interplay of Communication and Trust in Healthcare Delivery By Sankirtana Danner, Salma Saavedra, Fallon Flowers, Alema Jackson, Janell Ross, Hiba

The Message Public Health Missed: Black Music Parallels to Support Equity and Innovation in Public Health By Duane McKinley Share on facebook

Embracing Social Media as a Modern Means of Health Promotion: Can We “Like” and “Share” Our Way Towards Better Population Health? By