Edition 35 – DrPH Edition

Edition 35, DrPH Edition

This edition was curated in partnership with the DrPH Coalition. It is under construction. 

Implementation Science: An Essential Tool for Advancing DrPH Practice By Aubrey Villalobos, DrPH, MPH, MEd; Robin C. Vanderpool, DrPH, MPH; Robert E.

Examining Public Health Partnership with the Private Sector through the Lens of Power and Commercial Determinants of Health By Vinu Ilakkuvan, DrPH,

The Emerging Role of Public Health Leadership in Food Systems Transformation By Michelle L. Slimko, DrPH, MPH, RD Share on facebook Facebook

What’s Impacting the Waistinlines of Black Women? An Examination of the Impact of Race and Racism as Contributing Factors to Overweight and

A Call for Investment in the Preconception Period to Improve Outcomes and Center Equity in Maternal, Infant, and Child Health By Kathryn

Untapped Potential: The Need for DrPH Professionals to Mitigate the Next Public Health Crisis, Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic By Brittany

A Movement in the Making: Building Collaborations with Public Health Experts and Policymakers By Kathleen P. Banks, DrPH (c), MPH and Tami

Addressing the Cycle of Inaction: A DrPH Student Perspective on the Decolonization of Public Health By Sarah E. Boland, MPH*; Kamonthip J.

DrPHers Building Back Better the Public Health Leadership Pipeline By David E. Harvey, PE, MPH; Jaimie Shaff, MPH, MPA; J. Sam Hurley,

We need applied public health practitioners and leaders. DrPH degree is the terminal degree for the field of public health and is designed to meet these needs.