Edition 32 - Surgery & Public Health

Edition 32, Surgery & Public Health

In this edition of the Journal, contributors discuss the role of surgeons in advancing health equity. 

Necessity Is the Mother of Invention: Advocating for Alternatives to Banked Blood By Anusha Jayaram; Alaska Pendleton, MD; Rohini Dutta; Nobhojit Roy,

Ending Obstetric Fistulas by 2030: The Role of Global Surgery in Rural Communities By Brintha Sivajohan, HBSc Citation Sivajohan B. Ending Obstetric

Out-of-pocket Cost of Essential Neurosurgical Procedures: A Systematic Review By Adam Ammar, MD; Andre E. Boykeb; Anchelo Vitala; Radzi Hamzah, MD, MPH;

When Safeguards Hinder Access: Medicaid and Bilateral Tubal Ligations By Kaitlyn Arbour, MS and Christine Petrin, MPH Citation Arbour K, Petrin C.

Advocacy Toolbox: Training for Preclinical Medical Students Interested in Surgery By Max Zhu; Miriam Y. Neufeld, MD, MPH; Sarah G. Keller, BFA;

Structural Racism as a Fundamental Cause of U.S. Health Disparities: A Critical Examination of Race in Orthopaedic Total Joint Replacement Surgery By

This narrative review highlights the importance of timely neurosurgical interventional after a person suffers from a motor vehicle accident.

Bridging the Gap in Surgical Patient Education: A Visual-Based Approach By Christina Shree Chopra, Youssef Aref, Christina Pecora, Leslie Ghisletta Share on

The Role of Pediatric Surgeons in Advancing Public Health By Oluwatomilayo Daodu, MD, MPH, FRCSC and Shahrzad Joharifard, MD MPH FRCSC ​

Interorganizational Collaborations and Improving Surgical Access to Pediatric Cardiac Care in Pakistan: an NGO’s Perspective ​ By Samaa Akhtar, MD, M.H.Sc​ Facebook

Racial Disparities in Neurological Care in the United States: An Internal Mechanism By Naryeong Kim ​ Share on facebook Facebook Share on

Out-of-pocket Cost of Neurosurgical Bellwether Procedures: A Systematic Review By Adam Ammar, MD; Andre E. Boykeb; Anchelo Vital; Radzi Hamzah, MD, MPH;