Edition 25 - Substance Use

Edition 25, Substance Use

According to the World Health Organization, more than 42 million years of healthy life loss were attributable to drug use in 2017; about 1.3% of the global burden of disease.


The articles in this edition contextualize the origins, challenges, and potential approaches to addressing the opioid crisis in working towards its resolution. From understanding the mindset behind why choices are made and the social conditions leading up to them, to the adverse consequences of self-medication, to escaping addiction cycles, and the discussion of care models centering around applying patient centered care practices to address these challenges, HPHR is working towards bringing these issues to the forefront for discourse in hopes of change. 


Catherine Tsasis, Associate Editor, HPHR

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Buprenorphine Prior Authorization Removal: Low Hanging Fruit in the Opioid Overdose Crisis By Tamara Beetham Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter

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Intergenerational Effects of Alcoholism, Children of Sober Alcoholics: Brain and Behavioral Risks, Interventions, and Implications By Julia Benville​ Share on facebook Facebook

Purdue Pharma and OxyContin – A Commercial Success But a Public Health Disaster By Ronald Chow Share on facebook Facebook Share on