Edition 20 – Vulnerable Populations

Edition 20, Vulnerable Populations

The measure of a society is found in how they treat their weakest and most helpless citizens ― Jimmy Carter (39th U.S. President)


HPHR’s 20th edition addresses the social determinants driving disparate rates of disease among disenfranchised populations. With insight into a range of populations including ethnic minorities, transient populations, Canada’s indigenous population, European refugees and the homeless, this edition exhibits the concerns of vulnerable populations who are often left on the fringes and unaffected by mainstream healthcare policies. Spotlighted in the hopes that policy responses become more multisectoral, this edition highlights the need to do things differently.


Catherine Tsasis, Associate Editor, HPHR

Representation of Ethnic Minorities in Swedish Clinical Cancer Trials: A Qualitative Study of Physicians’ Experiences By Robert Spörndly, Stefan Eriksson, and Tove

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Applying Flexibility to the Primary Care Behavioral Health Model with Transient Populations – A Brief Report By

A New Way Forward: Recognizing the Importance of HIV in Controlling Tuberculosis among Canada’s Indigenous Population By Dakoda J. Herman Citation Herman

Dying in the Shadows: Suicide Among the Homeless By Lori Holleran and Gabrielle Poon Citation Holleran L, Poon G. Dying in the

Europe’s Refugee Crisis and the Human Right of Access to Health Care: A Public Health Challenge from an Ethical Perspective By Larissa