Special Edition Anthology:
Mental Health


Special Edition Anthology: Mental Health
Deadline: July 22, 2022

HPHR Journal (formerly Harvard Public Health Review) announces a call for submissions for an upcoming anthology of written works focusing on disparities and inequities in mental health experienced by the following marginalized groups: racial/ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, age, migrant status and socioeconomic status. It will be made up of essays and other evidence-based pieces, like policy memos, creative works, quotes, and more about mental health. Each category about a marginalized group will contain three essays or evidence-based pieces and two creative works. Of the three essays, at least one will be entirely focused on policy or solutions.


Authors may contribute to different categories, as follows: 



Submission guidelines for the anthology can be viewed and downloaded here: 


All submissions are made through Scholastica. Members of Boston Congress of Public Health are allowed one free submission annually. Learn more at BCPH.org